Mar 28, 2012

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Compensatory draft picks for 15 clubs by NFL

Compensatory draft picks for 15 clubs by NFL

NFL has a rule of compensatory draft picks, which are awarded to a team that is losing more games, or for that matter better compensatory free agent which it acquired in previous year are legal for these compensatory picks. 32 compensatory choices were awarded to 15 different teams by NFL. There is a simple rule that each team receives compensatory picks based on the number of net losses of previous free agents, with an upper limit of 4. These complementary picks will complement 221 supplements in the seven rounds of Draft which will be held from 26th April to 28th April, and that will kick of for 3rd consecutive year.

The schedules for the rounds which will be held in April are like this 26 April will feature 1st round which will happen at 8 PM E.T. The 2nd and 3rd round will happen on 27 from 7 PM and the 4th to 7th round will get featured at 28th April from Noon ET. Compensatory agents will get positions from 3rd to 7th round which is based on value of each compensatory free agent which lost. The determination of compensatory agent is done based on the postseason honors if any, playing time and salary.

Also there are three teams which will get these complementary picks, but they have not suffered any sort of compensatory loss of any of the free agents. These teams are Buffalo, San Diego and Atlanta. The compensatory ranks of the lost agents were higher than the ones which they have signed by the formula of performance and salary. 30 picks were already being sent out but then by the rule of compensatory picks 2 more choices were awarded, so that the compensatory picks number can match with the number of clubs which are present in NFL.

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