Apr 21, 2012

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Brazilian defender David Junior Lopes acquired by the Galaxy

Brazilian defender David Junior Lopes acquired by the Galaxy

It was a big move on the part of the galaxy, trading their best player at the midfield for the Brazilian, David Junior Lopes. Paolo Cardozo was by far one of the most skillful players of the Galaxy club. But the club was desperately looking for replacements in the center back area after Gonzalez unavailability due to torn ligament early this year.

The Brazilian, Lopes has an athletic physic and is 6 feet and 3 inches in height. The coach cum general manager of the Galaxy club, Bruce Arena mentioned in an interview, “Lopes is a huge gain as he is skillful in the center back and has immense performing abilities”. According to him, acquisition of Lopes will strengthen the team physically. He said, “We have been looking for such a player for long who is strong in the center back and left back positions.

Lopes had been playing for the Chivas since the MLS league. But he was let go from the club as the genera manager of the Chivas club says, “We had enough of player in the center back and wanted to sharpen or strength with a unique player”.

It is mention worthy that Cardozo was included in the Chivas team. According to the manager of the Chivas, Cardozo is just the player they were looking for with a special skill in the game.

Lopes was not of much use to the Chivas as he was in the reserve bench most often and also during the friendly match with the Fullerton rangers. Cardozo’s performances on the other hand have been really impressive since the MLS league.

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